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One way of spreading the word about Green web hosting is to join an affiliate program of a Green Hosting company or to become a Green Hosting Reseller. Both options are explained below.

Reselling web hosting services is a huge business and expected to grow rapidly for years. Almost all web hosting companies offer affiliate or reseller accounts. Therefore reselling web hosting accounts is also highly competitive and without a niche market it can be difficult to make profit. Reselling green or wind powered web hosting can provide this niche approach for web hosting business. As the effects of climate change are becoming more and more apparent, people are starting to demand greener web hosting services as well. There is not nearly as much competition in the field of green web hosting and in addition people are often willing to pay a little extra for wind powered hosting. If the commission percentage and amount of sales are the same, this naturally translates into bigger commission checks.

This is not to say that reselling wind powered web hosting is easy. It certainly isn't. But there is much less competition reselling climate friendly web hosting, compared to ordinary web hosting, which will definitely give you an advantage.

Affiliate or Reseller?

It is important to understand the difference between affiliates and reseller accounts. As an affiliate, you will be paid commission for every purchase made via your affiliate links. The web hosting company takes care of everything and simply pays you a commission for every customer you have referred to them.

As a hosting reseller, you will pay for a special reseller account with multiple websites. You are then allowed to resell these websites to your customers. Usually you can decide yourself what you charge for these hosting accounts it is between you and your customers. Many web designers use reseller accounts to sell hosting services to their clients.

Most reseller accounts allow you to set up separate control panels for each website. This way you can allow your customers to make changes (to their email accounts for example) without contacting you or the hosting provider. In fact, as far as they are concerned you are the hosting provider.

Green web hosting affiliates

Think Host has one of the highest affiliate commissions in the business. Thinkhost's commission is $100 per referral the highest I have seen in any hosting business affiliate program. The fact that Thinkhost is a green hosting provider makes the deal even better and their EPC (earnings per hundred clicks) is also outstanding.

Residual income affiliate commissions

Most web hosting affiliate programs offer you a set commission for every new costumer. In other words you only get a single commission when the client signs up for the hosting account. The customer can renew his account for years, but you only get commission on the initial order and that's it.

If you prefer residual income, there is an alternative...

With Dream Host's affiliate program you can opt for recurring payments. You'll earn 10% of EVERY payment that your referrals EVER make. In addition you'll earn 5% of every payment that THEIR referrals make for as long as they remain customers too!

This reminds me of yet another niche market reselling hosting accounts which allow you to host multiple web sites on a single hosting account. With Dream Host you can host an unlimited number of web sites, all with their own domains if you like. You can get a ".com" domain from www.GoDaddy.com for $8.95 per year (not month, but per year), so it's really really cheap to set up new web sites even with separate domains (while sub domains are completely free). Unlimited websites is a great feature to offer and a niche market in itself. Even though there are loads of hosting providers offering unlimited domains, not many affiliates are marketing them as such.

You can learn more about having multiple web sites on single web hosting account from: Hosting Multiple Domain Names


Green Hosting Reseller accounts

For a green hosting reseller account, try Host Gator. Their reseller accounts start at $24.95/month with unlimited number of websites.

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Note: by our standards ordinary web hosting services have a one or two star rating  any of the featured green hosting providers is better than these.


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