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As you switch to a green hosting provider, you will diminish the carbon footprint of your website(s). In addition you will be in a unique position to help shape the whole web hosting industry and literally multiply your impact. Diminishing the emissions of your own websites through green hosting is good, but only a fraction of what you can achieve as you follow these steps.

In addition to powering your own website with renewable energy, you can give a strong message and incentive for a whole web hosting company to start offering green web hosting plans. This can directly have the effect of thousands of websites going green. Furthermore this hosting company (along with many of the hundreds or thousands of websites they host) will be spreading the word even further. This way it is possible to alter the direction in which the whole web hosting industry is headed and you can have a huge impact on the overall emissions of the whole web hosting industry in the future. That is why this step is crucial.

What you need to do is simply tell your old hosting provider that you will be switching to a green web host:

1) Send an email before you switch to green hosting
2) Fill out a customer survey as you cancel your previous web hosting account (if there is such a survey)

Sending the email

You should start by sending an email (or trouble ticket) to your current hosting provider and ask whether they have considered starting to offer green hosting plans. If they have, great you might not need to switch hosting after all. If not, it's fine you will switch to a green host and let them know that this is the reason for you leaving.

Although you can't expect one email to change a company, you certainly can expect a hundred or thousand emails to do it. Many web hosting companies haven't yet even considered the benefits of offering green hosting packages. Your email can be enough for them to at least think about it and who knows, they might like the idea. And as they receive several emails from ex-customers all leaving for a green hosting provider, they will certainly get the message. Web hosting companies don't like their customers leaving.

Customer surveys

Filling out a customer survey as you cancel your hosting account is the best way to get the message across. This is really the place where hosting companies search for ideas on how to improve their services and help retain customers. Often they ask specifically why you decided to cancel your hosting. Wherever you can, simply state that you wanted to go with a greener alternative.

Unfortunately not all web hosting companies use this kind of surveys. Therefore it is important to start by sending an email.

The power of consumers

If you only switch to a green hosting provider, the overall impact on emissions is in fact quite small. Make sure your old hosting provider knows the reason you are leaving and you will help green hosting spread much faster. Don't underestimate your value as a customer. Your email might be the one that eventually turns a normal hosting company into a green host.

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